Sturgeon County - Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityCorporate Identity

Use of the Sturgeon County Logo implies endorsement and therefore our logo must always be used in a suitable manner.

Corporate Style Guide

A full set of design guidelines that specify how the logo is to be used, what colours are to be used and what fonts must be used is available in a detailed, comprehensive document called the Corporate Style Guide.

Corporate Style Guide

Would you like to use our logo?

Third party partners, sponsors or groups that have received support from Sturgeon County may use the Sturgeon County logo upon request. Corporate Communications should review a proof/sample of any proposed use of the logo before providing final consent.

If you have any questions about the Corporate Style Guide, or if you are developing communication or sponsorship materials, please contact Corporate Communications at 780-939-8346. Sturgeon County Corporate Communications department staff are available to assist partner agencies directly with use of the logo if required.

Corporate Communications Mandate

The Corporate Communications department aims to promote a positive image of Sturgeon County and inform the organization and community with the services and programs provided by the municipality. This is achieved through various media, including publications, social media and events.

Corporate Communications Services:

  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Events
  • Brochures & newsletters
  • County Connections
  • Emergency Communications (PIO)
  • Advertising
  • Corporate identity & logo use