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UPDATE: Council halted the County Campus project in February 2017. The future County Campus is a long-term plan spanning over the last three Council and has been reflected in multiple Corporate Business Plans.  To date, joint site servicing with Town of Morinville is underway. Council had not committed to any building construction and directed Administration to not move ahead with the detailed design phase of the County Campus, and to re-negotiate leases and potential for maximizing our current space.

The future County Campus is a long-term plan (2030).   To date, joint site servicing with Town of Morinville is underway (County budget $5 million).   Council has not committed to any building construction at this time and has only reviewed conceptual drawings of a Municipal Operations Building. Administration is in the process of bringing options to Council in order to have a third party estimate the cost of a Municipal Operations Building.  Any future buildings such as a Fleet Shop or Administration Building have not reached the conceptual stage at this time.


Facility Planning

In 2015, Council approved the purchase of lands, east of Morinville, to accommodate the future of Sturgeon County. The development of the future County Campus is intended to progress in phases over several years. Currently site planning and shared utility servicing for the Morinville recreation lands is underway and Council has approved a design build option which will provide a shelf ready package that can be used to apply for future grant funding such as Building Canada Fund.

The purpose of the Site Master Development Plan (SMDP) is to establish guiding principles and conceptual objectives for the 50 acre land that will be developed into the Sturgeon County Campus project.


The development site (50 acres) is located on SE-2-56-25-W4M or approximately 1.5 km east of the Town of Morinville along Highway 642. This property is adjacent to the property that is anticipated to be developed by the Town of Morinville for recreational use.

About the Proposed Development

The proposed development would see the construction of a functional, practical and cost-effective County Campus that upon completion would consolidate most Sturgeon County staff and resources at one location. As site development and construction is completed, existing County buildings will be sold, lease contracts will not be renewed and the proceeds will go towards offsetting the costs of the new facilities. The proposed development would continue for more than ten years to support growth into the long range considering the various stakeholders.

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1999 to Present

  • 1999 - Sturgeon County Centre Opened
  • December 2005 - Leased Community Services Building
  • June 2006 Motion 380/06 - Authorized Needs Assessment of an Operations Building
  • December 2007 - $1.5M allocated for Land Purchase
  • July 2008 - Purchased Sturgeon South Location
  • June 2009 - Leased Infrastructure Services Building
  • 2012 - Expansion Study by Bennett Architect recommends a “Greenfield Campus”
  • 2013 - Council rejected a “Build to Lease” option
  • 2015 - Corporate Business Plan Initiative, Long Range Facilities Plan
  • November 2015 - Motion 353/15 Council approved the purchase of 50 acre parcel
  • January 2016 - Facilities Update presented to Council
  • 2016 - Site Servicing


  • Detached office spaces leads to inefficiency and delays in workflow
  • Our buildings are undersized for our employee population leading to reliance on leased buildings; County Centre originally designed for 47 now holds 79 office staff
  • Meeting space limitations; and
  • Lack of accessibility for persons with mobility issues at 7 locations

Current Situation


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