Building Community in Sturgeon County

Building Community in Sturgeon County

Events and projects help to build community spirit and create a sense of pride and belonging in Sturgeon County.

Plan activities for your neighbours such as block parties, outdoor movie nights and more! 

Sturgeon County offers grant funding and resources to help you plan. 

We have supplies you can access:

  • Activity Kit
  • Lawn Games
  • Board Games
  • Canopies

Community Connection Grant

The community connection grant is open to any Sturgeon County resident who wants to plan an event for their community that will promote an idea  neighbourhood connections and inclusivity among residents.

  • block parties
  • neighbourhood swap meets
  • outdoor movie nights
  • meet and greets in your local park
  •  community clean-ups



Community Cleanup

Are you planning a cleanup event in your community? We can help! 

Cleaning your community is a great way to get together and show some community spirit! Clean-up applications are open to all Sturgeon County residents for groups big and small.

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We can help connect you with other members of Sturgeon County or community organizations:

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