2017 Budget2017 Budget

During the regular Council meeting, Council approved the 2017 Operating and Capital which responds to current economic conditions, maintaining service levels, and reducing costs by recognizing further efficiencies. The budget is aligned with the Corporate Business Plan that has been developed to meet Council’s vision for the future of Sturgeon County. Recognizing the economic climate, Council deliberated over two days in late November to arrive at a recommended total budget of $73,733,308 which requires an increase of 1.315 per cent. The increase supports one per cent allocations to capital drainage and one percent for other capital projects with a decrease of 0.83 per cent to the Operating budget.

“By focusing on process improvements, utilizing available resources most effectively and doing “more” with less, Administration was able to propose a lean budget to Council while still addressing new projects and replacing infrastructure,” said CAO, Peter Tarnawsky. We have dedicated significant investments of approximately $22M to community infrastructure primarily for road infrastructure improvements, capital drainage, bridge repair and water and wastewater utilities.” says Tarnawsky.

A single-family residential property assessed at $502,650 will see an approximate $25 annual increase. The total budget for 2017 is $73,733,308 including $50,247,583 Operating and $23,485,725 Capital. In regards to utility rates for water, wastewater and storm-water management will increase by $30 per year for the average residential utility customer. The final tax rate will not be set until April 2017 when the County receives requisitions from Alberta Education, the Sturgeon Foundation, and final assessment figures.

Operating & Capital Budget 2017