2020 Budget

2020 Budget2020 Budget

During the regular Council meeting on December 10, Sturgeon County Council approved the 2020 Operating & Capital Budget as well as the 2021-2023 Operating and 2021-2025 Capital Financial Forecasts. Council reviewed and analyzed the operating and capital submissions from Administration in late October over a three-day period. Following that, the budget was deliberated by Council over two days in late November.

“It is our job as Council to ask questions and make tough decisions to ensure that Sturgeon County remains competitive and fiscally responsible, we have an obligation to our residents.” said Mayor, Alanna Hnatiw.

The approved 2020 Operating and Capital Budget maintains the core services that enhance Sturgeon County residents’ quality of life, and addresses investments in community programs, infrastructure with a strong emphasis on public safety. Some of the initiatives planned for 2020 include:

  • Sturgeon Drainage Review
  • Enhanced Road Gravelling/Contracted Services
  • Provincial Police Funding
  • Enhanced Trail Maintenance

“I am pleased we were able to avoid a tax increase, while managing to maintain, and in some areas, increase service levels.”
With the current state of the economy, it’s necessary that we reduce financial strain where we can.”
said Hnatiw.

The final municipal tax rate will be approved in the spring of 2020. Residents will see amounts included for education and seniors housing regulated by the province.

2020 Operating & Capital Budget