Councillor Matthew McLennan

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The citizens of Sturgeon County have a right to expect from its local Municipal Government, one that is conducted with integrity, in a professional manner. Therefore it is imperative that there not be, nor appear to be, any conflict between the private interests of elected officials and appointed board members and their duty to the public.

Council Members must adhere to the Council Code of Conduct.

Councillor Matthew McLennan

Councillor Matthew McLennan

Division 3

Matthew was elected as Councillor for Division 3 on October 26, 2021. 

Matthew was born and raised here in Alberta.  His curious nature led me to the University of Alberta, where I graduated in 2004 with a BPE.  After working in the athletics departments at Grant MacEwan University and the U of A, he started his own business.  In 2009, Matthew began Labour Neighbour. The founding principal is to invest in our people and build lasting relationships.  He strongly believes in giving back to his community by supporting our local food banks and animal shelters.   

If I can help in any way, please reach out to me, and I will be happy to help.  Cheers -  Matthew McLennan

Internal Boards and Committees

  • Agribusiness and Agritourism Review Task Force
  • Calahoo Villeneuve Sand and Gravel Advisory Committee
  • Community Services Advisory Board
  • Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Environmental Protection Appeal Board
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Intermunicipal Internal Negotiating Task Force

External Boards and Committees

  • North Saskatchewan Watershed Allliance & Sturgeon River Watershed Allowance (alternate)
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch
  • West Sturgeon Aging in Place Foundation / West Country Hearth

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