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Cost Effectiveness Reports

Council directed Administration to initiate the following projects to ensure we are aligning our organization for growth while providing quality, cost-effective services. These types of evaluations are a response to ensuring the County is financially sustainable.

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MNP Operational Review

In 2018, Council requested an Operational Review of the organization to evaluate what’s working well and areas that need improvements. Overall, MNP advised that there were not any significant “red flags” and Sturgeon County is generally below the mean of the same metrics of the comparative municipalities. This report is only one project with potential input into the 2020 Planning and Budget process in addition to the Organizational Performance Review, Business Needs Assessment,
Inter-governmental opportunities.

Citizen Task Force - Council Remuneration

In March 2019, Council directed Administration to strike a Citizen Task Force to review elected officials’ remuneration and bring recommendations to Council. Through expressions of interest, a Citizen Task Force made up of five Sturgeon County residents were appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer to conduct a review of Council members’ remuneration. Task Force findings showed that no comprehensive review of the Mayor and Councillors’ remuneration has been conducted since 2006, resulting in Sturgeon County’s rates falling well below the rates of similar-sized municipalities.

Assessment Services Review

On Feb 22, Council Administration to obtain comparative cost estimates regarding the provision of municipal residential and non-residential services. The report developed by Transitional Solutions Inc. showed that Sturgeon County’s service over other providers was noticeably higher. Sturgeon County’s Assessment Office has a higher ratio of parcels per staff and cost per parcel than the comparators.
Assessment Services supports critical municipal and provincial financing methods used to provide services to our ratepayers.