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In this menu you'll find links that will take you to a variety of helpful, informative, documents, that will help you get the most of living in or visiting Sturgeon County.

Forms, Permits, Etc. will bring you to pages where you can choose to either search for a form you may need to apply to speak at a public meeting, apply for a building permit, or apply to work with us here at Sturgeon County. You'll also find direct links for application for fire and building permits, as well as dog licensing information.

News & Information will offer you all kinds of fun events going on within the county as well as links on where to find recycling information, information packages for new residents, and links to our weekly, monthly, and semi-annual newsletters.

More... is where you'll find links to contact your councillor, information on how to pay your property taxes, apply for a scholarship... and more! Check it out!