The 2019 Sturgeon County Census is complete. Check out the full report here! 

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The main purpose is to collect updated demographic information of Sturgeon County residents. This data is important for County departments, businesses, and non-profit organizations in making short-term and long-term operational and strategic plans.

In addition, some federal and provincial grant funding is based on population. For every resident counted, Sturgeon County receives approximately $178 per resident in grant funding from other levels of government.

Beginning April 15, 2019, you can complete the census online by clicking HERE . Simply click the link, enter your PIN, confirm your address, and follow the prompts to provide the requested information.

If you do not have internet access, please call 780-293-4916 to report your census results.

The 2019 Census questionnaire will be available starting April 15, 2019. Use the PIN you received in the mail to enter the information for your household. If you do not complete the census online by April 29, a census worker will come to your door and fill out the census with you using a mobile tablet.

If there is no answer at a residence, the census worker will leave a call back notice. The online option will be available from April 15 to June 30. If you still have your PIN, you can complete the census online or call 780-293-4916 to report your census results.

If you have not received your letter with your unique PIN by April 19, 2019, please call 780-293-4916.

Yes, all census information provided online is encrypted during transmission and is stored in a secure database located in Canada. The information provided from all households is transferred to the County’s Census Reporting System for long term management and report generation purposes. The retention of the information is in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. Reports generated on areas of the County with a population between 1 and 49 are always reported as zero to protect the privacy of respondents.

Only one person (18 years of age or older) per household needs to fill out the census on behalf of all members of the household.

The municipal census is a count of the usual residents of Sturgeon County as of April 15, 2019. If you do not live in Sturgeon County on April 15, 2019, you cannot be included in the census.

Please provide the PIN to someone 18 years of age or older who resided at the dwelling on April 15, 2019 to complete the census.

The last federal census was conducted in 2016. Some of the data may be outdated and updated information is necessary to determine the needs of a growing County. Sturgeon County is also not able to access detailed information from the federal census that is possible to collect through a municipal census.

All census workers going door to door will be wearing Sturgeon County issued photo identification and be provided with a letter of introduction from the Census Coordinator. You may ask to see the census worker’s photo ID or letter of introduction prior to providing your census responses.

Sturgeon County uses census data to plan for public services and infrastructure, including roads, land use planning, and recreation. It is important to base decisions on recent demographic information.

Check back in September for the 2019 Municipal Census Report.

Contact the Census Assistant at 780-293-4916. You can also email census@sturgeoncounty.ca.