Council Approves Dollars for Community Recreation Facility


Council Approves Dollars for Community Recreation Facility
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Council Approves Dollars for Community Recreation Facility

Morinville, Alberta - During the regular Council meeting on August 28, Council approved a contribution to the Morinville Community Recreation Facility in the amount of $500,000.

Between June 6 and July 6, Sturgeon County engaged with residents both face-to-face and online to gather their feedback on considerations for investment in the Community Recreation Facility; 541 residents participated face-to-face and online. The purpose of engagement was to gather input from residents on different approaches to what investment could mean for Sturgeon County.

The input and data collected at the meetings and through the surveys was analyzed, and a summary report of the engagement activities was prepared by the consultant. The recommendation to Council was informed by:

  • Regional Recreation Facility Master Plan
  • Public Input from the Public Engagement process
  • Analysis of the Community Recreation Facility Business Case
  • Principles of Recreation Cost Share
  • Taxometer

Thank you to all the residents who took the time to provide feedback for Council to make this important decision.

Please visit to review the final report and background information.

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