Council Approves Strategic Plan


Council Approves Strategic Plan
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Council Approves Strategic Plan

Morinville, AB - Sturgeon County Council approved the updated Strategic Plan for 2018-2027 during the regular Council meeting on September 25. The foundation for all municipal long-term and short-term planning, Council fine-tuned the ten-year strategic direction to more accurately align with their collective vision.

Originally developed in 2010 with significant public input, this current version maintains a similar focus, setting priority and goals for Sturgeon County and the approach for delivering services to the community. The plan outlines how to best support communities, with an increased emphasis on growth in the region including:

  • “We are open for business” and open to new ideas and innovation
  • Listen to our communities and value our agricultural roots and unique heritage
  • Continually improve relationships with our residents and business community
  • Ensure that we are delivering value for taxes to rate payers

The plan provides overall direction for priority setting and decisions for all Sturgeon County departments as they develop the 2019-2021 Corporate Business Plan, 2019 Budget and 2019 Department Business Plans, and will continue to evolve to identify what is important to our community.

The 2018-2027 Strategic Plan is available here.


For more information, please contact:
Sheila Moore
Manager, Corporate Communications
Phone: 780-939-8368

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