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Road Report & Utility AlertsRoad Report & Utility Alerts

Alberta Transportation Projects 2018: (Courtesy Post)

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HWY 15/37/825 ROAD CONSTRUCTION: 2018/2019
Intersection of Hwy 37, Hwy 15 and Hwy 825 interchange – road construction currently taking place; with reduced speeds; please drive with caution obeying all traffic accommodation to ensure the safety of the workers and travelling public.

Please drive with caution obeying all traffic accommodation to ensure the safety of the workers and travelling public.

Lily Lake Area Roadway Improvements

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TWP 570 + RR233

Paving complete and warranty work is ongoing.

TWP 572: Road to be closed between Rge Rd 233 and Hwy 28 (weather permitting)

Grading is complete and warrant work is ongoing. Paving is scheduled for Spring of 2019.

(OPUS – Consultant)

(E-Construction - Paving Contactor)

(Caburn Construction – Grading Contractor)

Bridge Restrictions

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Effective immediately the following bridges have been placed under a 10 tonne weight restriction. Appropriate signage has been placed at all access points to these locations. BF00327 Range Road 263 1.2km south of Township Road 554 (SW 22-55-26-W4)

Transportation Services: 2018-2019 BRUSHING PROGRAM

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Sightline Brushing

To improve the safety of our roads, Sturgeon County is actively engaged in an intersection sightline inspection and brushing program for the winter of 2018/2019. Sturgeon County designates are performing these assessments based on the guidelines from the Alberta Transportation AT-Grade Intersection specifications. If the intersection qualifies for brushing sightline improvements the Sturgeon County designate will be contacting the registered landowner by letter, phone or site visit.

With approval from the registered landowner Sturgeon County Transportation crews or a contracted service will be clearing the brush during the winter 2018/2019 program in the identified sightlines at no additional cost to the landowner.

Registered landowners in possession of an intersection sightline brushing issue that have not been contacted by a representative are encouraged to contact Sturgeon County Transportation Services at: