Sturgeon County - Agricultural Engagement Strategy

Sturgeon County Agricultural Engagement StrategySturgeon County Agricultural Engagement Strategy

A report on local engagement outcomes (click HERE to view) was presented to County Council on June 12 2018. The report provided Council with a summary of the trends, themes and issues collected during initial engagement with the County’s Agricultural Community.

Administration provided three recommendations to County Council which were unanimously supported, including:

  • That the results from the Agricultural Community engagement process inform the development of specific agricultural support recommendations, with a report back to Council in Q4 2018.
  • That the Mayor submit the Agricultural Community engagement findings to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board as part of requested input towards Phase I of the Regional Agricultural Master Plan development process.
  • That the Sturgeon County Strategic Plan be amended to clearly reference support for the agriculture sector as a community and Council priority, and as a key component of the County’s brand identity.

Sturgeon County will continue gathering information from residents through an Online Survey, and we encourage all interested residents to stay involved!

Key Links

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If you have any questions, concerns or would like to provide input into the process, please feel free to contact:

Natasha De Sandi, Community Planner
Phone: 780.939.8350


Additional information from initial Engagement:

Open Forum Presentation

Federal Census Data