Road Watch


UPDATE (March 21, 2017): Effective immediately due to unsafe road conditions, the temporary road closure below is now extended to RR 224A from Lamoureux Drive north to HWY 825 until further notice.

Location: Lamoureux Drive between RR 224 and RR 224A Date: Effective immediately Friday March 17, 2017 until further notice

Purpose: Due to early spring thaw, this section will be closed until further notice.

  • Residents/business west of closure: detour north on RR 224A to HWY 825 or west on Lamoureux Drive to HWY 15
  • Residents/businesses east of closure: detour north on RR 224 to HWY 825 or east on Lamoureux Drive to RR 223 and north to Boysdale Rd.
  • Road bans are in effect through the Hamlet of Lamoureux (75%)

Unfortunately, you may experience unavoidable inconvenience as a result of this road closure. Please remember to use caution and slow down when driving in these areas. If you have any questions, please call Transportation Services at 780-939-8252.   

Road Alert

Date: March 1, 2017 until further notice

Location: Range Road 212 between Township Road 572 and Hwy 644

PURPOSE:   Due to a natural spring causing icy and unsafe road conditions on this section of road way, please slow down and exercise extreme caution when driving through this area, obeying all road signs, and speed limits. 




The following bridge construction will take place throughout Sturgeon County on dates between March 13-18, 2017. This contracted bridge work will have roads with traffic reduced to one lane and also road closures. Please slow down and exercise extreme caution when driving through this area. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Engineering Services at (780) 939-8321.

The bridge construction schedule is as follows:

Bridge File 00663

Full Road Closure; Located on Range Road 260 approximately 1.6km south of Township Road 554      

The closure is between Township Road 554 and 552.

No through traffic during this time.

Residents must access from the north (Twp Rd 554) and south (Twp Rd 552) of the bridge work.                       

March 13-14
Bridge File 71036 Single Lane Closure; Located on Township Road 570 between Range Road 273 and 274                                                            March 15
Bridge File 01559

Full Road Closure; Located on Range Road 271 approximately .8 km north of Township Road 552         

The closure will be between Township Road 552 and 554.

 No through traffic during this time. Residents must access from the north (Twp Rd 552) and south (Twp Rd 552) of the bridge work.                     

March 16-18

                                                                  : : :                                                 :  

Change to Road Service at Rail Crossings

Please be advised that gravel road maintenance within the eight metre proximity of railway crossings will be temporarily discontinued. Sturgeon County is working on a process improvement for the safety of our equipment operators. Crossings will be regularly monitored during the interruption for any safety hazards.

If residents notice any issues or safety hazards near the crossings Residents are asked to please call Transportation Services 780-939-8252 should any issues or safety hazards arise. We appreciate your patience.


Message from Alberta Transportation:


Update: March 13, 2017

RE: Hwy 651 from TWP 574 North to TWP 580 - Speed Reduction and Road Work

Alberta Transportation could not complete the paving project to repair this section of roadway in 2016, and are hoping to complete it in 2017. Due to the road condition, the speed limit on this portion Hwy 651 will remain as posted, and will not be increased until the road repair work is completed. If you have questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact the Operations Superintendent for Alberta Transportation: 780-465-4654.



As a result of the increased heavy traffic on Highway 651 and resulting poor highway conditions, which has seen 6 locations experience serious pavement failures, Alberta Transportation will be taking measures to protect the structural integrity of the highway.

  1. The speed limit will be temporarily reduced to 50km/h from TWP 574 to TWP 580. The reduced speed limit will remain in effect until the programmed rehabilitation project has completed.
  2. The results of the speed limit reduction will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine its effectiveness. These steps will help maintain the safety of the travelling public while minimizing the damage to the highway infrastructure.

Please direct any questions to Alberta Transportation at 780-963-5711.

Dust Suppression in your area

Dust Suppression Applications are posted annually in early March.


UPDATE: Approximately May 2017 - August 31, 2017 


Date: April 13 - October 15, 2016 - carried over to 2017

Location: Hwy 28 From North of Highway 28A to West of Jct. Hwy 827

Purpose: While working on Hwy 28, the speed limit will be reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h or 50km/h depending on the work. Traffic will be reduced to one lane of traffic on Hwy 28 during paving. Please obey all signs and flag people. 511Alberta for current updates or or go to Alberta Transportation website at


Effective immediately the following bridges have been placed under a 10 tonne weight restriction. Appropriate signage has been placed at all access points to these locations.

BF00327  Range Road 263  1.2km south of Township Road 554 (SW 22-55-26-W4) 

Heartland Traffic Calming Project

In an effort to ensure the safety of travellers while maintaining the quality of life of our local residents within the Industrial Heartland, Sturgeon County has implemented a traffic calming procedure where 3-way and 4-way stop signs have been installed in the area of Lamoureux Drive and along TWP. Rd. 564 between Rge Rd. 220 and 223 to discourage neighbourhood short-cutting. Sturgeon County considers all Range Roads and Township Roads to be for local traffic, while highways are considered to be part of the regional traffic network. This is one of many Council approved strategies that may be adopted to reduce neighbourhood short cutting.

Please consider everyone’s safety while driving on County roads.

A map of the proposed locations can be found here.