Broadband Core Service Area

Sturgeon Broadband Core Service Area

This is the moment that Sturgeon County residents have been waiting for: we are ready to put the shovels to the ground and start building the first phase of the Sturgeon Broadband Fibre Network!

As we prepare for construction, it is time for us to meet with property owners in the pilot project area and discuss how the project will roll out. This includes sharing information on the construction route, construction timelines, and the impacts to property owners.

We have confirmed the route where we will be installing the fibre optic cables. With our budget of $7.3 million, we will be able to connect approximately 52 per cent of properties along the route. This is considered the Core Service AreaView the map to see if your property is part of the Core Service Area or in the Extended Service Area.

If you live in a subdivision, hamlet or along the fibre service route, you are considered part of the Core Service Area and will have access to the fibre network. Business parks will also have access to the County's network. If you choose to use an internet service provider on the network, you will notice greatly increased service speeds and reliability.

Below is a list of questions and answers you might have regarding the service.


Core Service Area Questions and Answers

You will have to sign an access agreement for construction crews to access your property.

You will not need to be home for the exterior construction process as long as an access agreement has been signed by the published deadlines (TBD). However, installation crews will need someone home when they bring the line inside the house.

For everyone’s safety, if you have pets or animals, please be sure they are secured, fenced or tied up when crews are working nearby.

Homeowners and businesses will be notified in writing a couple weeks before project commencement in your area, outlining what to expect.

Only the land owner can sign the access agreement. However, renters and leesees can subscribe to the service once the fibre is in place.

There is always a small risk of damage to land or driveway. The crews are committed to doing their best to avoid and minimizing damage to properties. The installation process is minimally invasive as possible.

Your property will be restored to original grade with the addition of topsoil and grass seed as required by the construction company. It will be your responsibility to ensure that it is watered, as required.

If your current internet service provider chooses to be an internet service provider on our network, you can continue your service through them, or you can choose another service provider.

Although the fibre network will be installed to your property, you are not obligated to change your internet service provider.

Disruptions and interruptions to services are not expected during the fibre installation process. There may be a short outage when service is transferred from your current provider to the fibre network. You may have to reboot or restart your devices to pick up the new connection.

No. You will still have to either switch over to the fibre network with your current provider, or sign up with a new provider who accesses the fibre network.

You may have to pay for the service to be brought from the edge of your property into your house or business at a later date. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the County provided installation at this time, even if you do not plan to subscribe.

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