Broadband Open House for Businesses


Event date: 5/27/2022 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Export event
Jackie Sargent
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Broadband Open House for Businesses

May 27, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Hangar 44, Villeneuve Airport

This is the moment that Sturgeon County businesses have been waiting for: we are ready to put the shovels to the ground and start building the first phase of the Sturgeon County Broadband Fibre Network!

As we prepare for construction, it is time for us to meet with property and business owners in the industrial parks and airport, to discuss how the project will roll out. This includes sharing information on the construction route, costs, construction timelines, internet service providers and the impacts to property and business owners.

This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to be provided the fibre to achieve fast, reliable internet service with fast upload and download speeds. It will:

  • allow you to be closer to your customers and suppliers, with round-the-clock access to account information, order status and project details.
  • enable you to respond to customers’ email queries or website orders within minutes.
  • ensure that communication channels, such as email and video conferencing systems remain open between you, your staff and your customers.
  • allow cloud access and increased security.

On the Sturgeon County website is a map of where we will be installing the fibre optic cables and shows how we plan to connect the business parks and airport. Our phase 1 project will connect the following areas:

  • Heritage Industrial Park
  • Pro North Industrial park
  • Villeneuve Airport

Join us at our upcoming Sturgeon County Broadband Fibre Network Drop-In Open House, specifically for commercial property owners to learn more:

  • May 27, 11:30 am– 1:30 pm, Villeneuve Airport, Hangar 44

We are providing lunch through Celebrations Flare Catering for attendees.

Can’t attend? More information is available on our website at You can also contact Richard Kirchner at 780-939-4321 or email

The future of rural broadband is here, and we’re excited to have you part of the evolution.

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