Sturgeon County ready to launch innovative broadband project


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Sturgeon County ready to launch innovative broadband project

County finalizes contract with Canadian Fiber Optics for build and operation of a fibre-based internet service.

Residents and businesses in Sturgeon County are one step closer to having reliable, accessible, and affordable high-speed internet right to their door.
After an extensive selection process, Sturgeon County has contracted with Canadian Fiber Optics for the development and operation of a fibre-based internet service, starting with a pilot project in the south-west corner of the county that includes the Hamlets of Villeneuve, Calahoo, and Riviere Que Barre, the Villeneuve Airport, and the Heritage and ProNorth Industrial Parks.

“High-speed internet is a need-to-have versus a nice-to-have for our residents and businesses, which is why we approved the broadband strategy and are investing up to $7.3 million for the pilot project area. Sturgeon County is very excited to be working with Canadian Fiber Optics to help fulfill Council’s vision for a connected community. Their experience with rural connectivity solutions and appreciation of the challenges faced by rural communities made them a clear front-runner for the Sturgeon County broadband project.”
- Mayor Alanna Hnatiw, Sturgeon County

“Canadian Fiber Optics is very excited to partner with Sturgeon County to connect rural Albertans to reliable high-speed internet that will serve the Region for generations. We believe rural Canadians deserve equal access to the economic and social benefits of internet. Sturgeon County is a forward thinking, action-oriented county and we are so pleased to be working together.”
- Jodi Bloomer-Kaput, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, Canadian Fiber Optics

“Sturgeon County’s announcement to expand internet access within their municipality is an exciting step forward. The RMA has been advocating that access to high-speed internet is critical to economic development, working and learning from home, and quality of life. This next step in Sturgeon County’s Broadband Initiative will help close the gap between rural and urban communities.”
- Paul McLauchlin, President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

While rural municipalities have been tackling the issue of rural broadband for a number of years, Sturgeon County’s solution is quite unique. After extensive consultation with the industry, the County developed a shared risk/reward model where both the County and Canadian Fiber Optics contribute financially to the development and operation of the service and share the revenue. The County also implemented an FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises) approach that offers residents and businesses the fastest and most reliable technology available, providing speeds starting at 100Mbps (twice the Canadian standard) and capable of 10Gbps, faster or equal to any service in Canada.

Broadband Project Timeline
With the contract secured, next steps will be determining the final route for installation of the fibre and confirming the construction schedule. Construction is anticipated to start in the spring, with service activation starting in the summer of 2022.
Over the next few months, Sturgeon County will be working to identify additional Internet Service Providers to co-locate on the County’s fibre network to provide service delivery to area residents and businesses. The County will also be planning the roll-out across the balance of the county.

More information on the County’s broadband initiative can be found at

Media inquiries
Jackie Sargent, SCMP
Senior Communications Officer Sturgeon County
Ph: 587-983-8257

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