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Agriculture PestsAgriculture Pests

Agricultural pests

Sturgeon County agricultural producers grow a variety of crops including cereals, pulses, forage, crucifers, and vegetables. Many varieties of these crops are susceptible to vertebrate pests, insects and disease. Livestock operations are also widespread within our borders and can be impacted by pest and nuisance species such as the coyote, Richardson’s ground squirrel, and northern pocket gopher.

Sturgeon County supports the management of pests and nuisances within its boundaries that may have a detrimental impact on the agricultural sector. Agriculture Services’ Pest Management Program is legislated by the Government of Alberta's Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation

To support producers in managing pest and nuisance species, our department offers programs and services including:

  • Educational programs to improve public awareness and allow for early detection and rapid response (EDDRR) in the event of a pest intrusion. These include workshops, demonstrations, and publications that are available free of charge to residents.
  • The appointment of four Agricultural Inspectors that are available to respond to resident inquiries, conduct site visits, and aid producers in the creation on management plans.
  • Surveillance activities for existing or anticipated pests in support of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s pest monitoring efforts. Pest surveys include bertha armyworm, grasshopper, fusarium head blight, clubroot, and blackleg.
  • Vertebrate pest and nuisance control efforts conducted by a contracted professional trapper. Situations that significantly impact agricultural operations or County infrastructure can be reported, ex) beaver activity causing severe flooding of agricultural land.
  • Trap rental and sale to target nuisance species such as skunk and pocket gopher.

Get Involved!

If you are a producer growing canola in the coming season and would like to volunteer your field as a site for bertha armyworm monitoring, please call (780) 939-8349 to see if your field is eligible!

Each year we search for five potential trap sites that meet the monitoring requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about Sturgeon County’s Pest Management Program, contact Agriculture Services at (780) 939-8349 or email