Sturgeon County - Rat Notification

Rat AwarenessRat Awareness

Rat Awareness

Roof Rat (rattus rattus)findings were confirmed in Sturgeon County in the spring of 2015. After thorough inspections and efforts from both Sturgeon County staff and Alberta Agriculture, no further sightings or incidents have been reported.

Sturgeon County continues to monitor and work with Alberta Agriculture to assess and manage the situation if necessary. We ask residents to notify the Alberta government at 310-RATS if they feel rats are present on their property. Sturgeon County will receive that request, then assist with the eradication by setting up bait stations and monitoring them for activity. Further support from Alberta Agriculture will occur if required.


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What Can You Do?

Please note: In Alberta, Muskrats, Pocket Gophers and Richardson Ground Squirrels are commonly mistaken for rats.

  • Look for paths formed from high volume of rat traffic along buildings and/or underneath structures or bales.
  • Rats produce a high volume of droppings and can usually be detected even if they have been present for a short period of time. Droppings are blunt at both ends, shiny black and resemble oversized mouse droppings.
  • Look for gnawing and/or holes on materials such as plywood, structural woodwork, plastic panelling, frozen ground and sometimes even concrete.

During Business Hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), residents can report sightings to 780-939-8349. After business hours, residents can report sightings to 310-RATS.