Weed and Pest ControlWeed and Pest Control

Vegetation Management

As part of Sturgeon County’s Vegetation Management program, herbicide applications are sometimes necessary to control noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on Sturgeon County lands and road allowances. These applications will occur between May 7 and September 30, 2018.

Please note that Sturgeon County does not apply herbicides in areas which are:

• Within 100 metres of a residential dwelling

• Within 30 metres of a body of water (except when in compliance with the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides)

• Next to crops sensitive to the chemical being sprayed (i.e. potatoes)

• Within 50 metres of a planted shelterbelt or dugout

• Adjacent to gardens, nurseries or greenhouses

Limited Control Area Agreements

Previously known as "No Spray Agreements"

Landowners who wish to restrict herbicide applications or mosquito larvae control from occurring on municipal lands adjacent to their property have the opportunity to enter into a Limited Control Area Agreement with Sturgeon County. These agreements were previously known as ‘No Spray’ Agreements. Aside from a change in their name, they operate the exact same way. Limited Control Area Agreements are only valid for the year that they are issued and must be renewed on an annual basis. Landowners are responsible for all weed and grass control on municipal lands for which their Limited Control Area Agreement applies.

Landowners can choose to complete an agreement that applies to the Sturgeon County Vegetation Management Program, the City of Edmonton Mosquito Control Program or both.

For additional information on the Sturgeon County Vegetation Management Program and Limited Control Area

City of Edmonton's Mosquito Control Program

The City of Edmonton may conduct mosquito control measures within some road allowances in Sturgeon County as part of their annual Mosquito Control Program. Every year in the spring, Sturgeon County notifies residents that the City of Edmonton may conduct mosquito control measures within some road allowances in Sturgeon County as part of their Mosquito Control Program.

In the past, residents could opt out of the program, this year it was changed to provide residents with the opportunity to opt into the program. The opt in program only pertains to county ditches that can create a habitat to produce summer floodwater mosquitoes. Residents located in the designated program area (areas bordering Edmonton and St. Albert) can contact the City of Edmonton regarding their own private property to check their permission status or give permission, at any time.

To determine if your property is eligible and to OPT IN for this service within the road allowance adjacent to your property, please contact Agriculture Services at 780-939-8349 or email jbeazer@sturgeoncounty.ca.

These agreements are valid for the year they are issued and must be renewed annually. The deadline to OPT IN to the City of Edmonton’s 2018 Mosquito Control Program was May 2, 2018.

For information on the City of Edmonton’s Mosquito Control program, please visit: 
www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/pests/edmontons-mosquito-controlprogram.aspx or call 780-442-5311.

Pest Control

Through an external contractor, Agriculture Services provides information and pest control and removal of wild animals such as coyote and beaver. Information and assistance is also available for insect control and bug identification. Site visits can be arranged, or a specimen can be brought to theAgriculture Services Trailer, located adjacent from Sturgeon CountyCentre,for insect identification purposes.


January and February are breeding season and coyotes are hunting in search of food. When food supplies are limited, they experience a higher mortality rate and lower reproduction rates. Coyotes tend to be nocturnal, typically roaming at night looking for food; they are crafty hunters and will consume almost any type of food or small mammal including domestic pets.

Protect yourself and your pets from encounters with coyotes by following these tips:

  • Don’t leave pet food or garbage out
  • Secure your composting area with fencing to prevent wildlife access
  • Don’t let your pets run free; especially during the January-February coyote breeding season.

For more information please visit www.esrd.alberta.ca

For more information on grass, weed and pest control, please contact Agriculture Services at 780-939-8349.

Weed Control

Each municipality is required by provincial statutes or municipal by-laws to enforce the control of noxious and restricted weeds within their boundaries. Sturgeon County hires weed inspectors and licensed herbicide applicators in an effort to control the weed population.

During the summer, weed inspectors patrol the county ensuring residents are effectively controlling property weeds. Those that do not comply with the Grass and Weed Control Bylaw within the specified time will be issued a notification letter. Annual grass and weed control notices are sent to landowners of vacant and unsightly lots within multi-lot subdivisions. If landowners do not comply with the Grass & Weed Control bylaw within the specified time, Agriculture Services will take action at the cost of the landowner.

Do you need more information on grass/weed control in Sturgeon County? Please visit the brochures page.

Weed & Pest Control Policies