Sturgeon County - Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary AssessmentSupplementary Assessment

Property owners may receive a Supplementary Assessment & Tax Notice by mail in October 2019 if their property has undergone new construction.


What is a Supplementary Assessment?

A supplementary property assessment is the value of any new construction that has been completed or occupied during the current calendar year that was not included in your annual assessment and property taxes.

Supplementary assessments are typical in new home construction, where the dwelling or improvements were still under construction in the current taxation year. As the Supplementary Assessment Bylaw states, Sturgeon County has authorization to issue supplementary property assessments in accordance with Section 313 of the Municipal Government Act.

A supplementary assessment will be processed for the following types of improvements:

  • Single Family Dwelling(s)
  • Mobile / Modular Dwelling(s)
  • Garages and/or shops that were completed during the construction of the new residence
  • Commercial and Industrial Use Building(s)

*Supplementary assessment and taxes are applied to the improvement(s) only. The existing land value has already been assessed in the annual assessment and tax.

During May or September 2019, an identified Sturgeon County Assessor will conduct property inspections to determine the need for supplementary assessments.

If you have any questions regarding supplementary assessments, please call the Sturgeon County Assessment Services Department at 780-939-0601.