Tax Recovery SalesTax Recovery Sales

This is an inventory of properties which have been in tax arrears for more than three years. They are being offered for sale to recoup property taxes owed, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

For more information, please contact Sturgeon County.


Property No.
Plan No.
Lot Description
Pt. NW 31-56-23-W4 - 0.13 acres along west side of Sec. 31. Mainly treed area next to Range Road 240.  
Pt. NE 7-54-24-W4 - 2.69 acres abandoned road allowance (Range Road 245) located on the west boundary of the Hunters Green Golf Course.  
Pt. SE 26-55-24-W4 - 0.17 acres on west boundary of Range Road 251 (Roseridge Road). Remnant parcel at driveway entrance in northeast corner of SE 26-55-25-W4  
Pt. SE 31-54-27-W4 - 0.17 acres located in hamlet of Calahoo, adjacent to entrance road to Willow Rose (Berube) Mobile Home Park.  
Pt. NW 33-54-27-W4 - 0.17 acres comprising two areas on the north and south sides on Highway 37 at Range Road 274. Split parcel, separated by highway.  
Pt. SE 34-56-27-W4 - 0.75 acres located southeast of the intersection of Twp. Road 570 and Range Road 273. Completely treed parcel.  
Pt. SE 36-56-27-W4 - 2.0 acres located in the NW corner of SE 36-56-27-W4, has no direct access from Range Road 270.  
#0425990 Block 1 Lot 1 
Vacant 5.44 acre parcel Vacant subdivided parcel (with available service road access off Highway #779 southwest of Calahoo  
Pt. SW 25-54-1-W5 - 1.71 acres, a remnant parcel directly north of Hoghway Avenue in the Rosal Acres subdivision.  
Pt. SE 35-56-1-W5 - 1.98 acres abandoned road allowance (Range Road 11) near Deadman Lake. A natural low area which leads to a diversion of Range Road 11 to existing location.  
#1221079 Block 1 Lot 1 
Pt. NE 9-57-20-W4 - 0.2 acres located directly north of Victoria Trail in the NW corner of NE 9-57-20-W4.  
Pt. SE 27-57-21-W4 - 0.18 acres located directly northwest of the intersection of Highways 644 and 829 east of Redwater.