Tax Recovery Sales


Property No.  Plan No. (as available) Lot Description


Block 1 Lot 1

Vacant 5.44 acre parcel

Vacant subdivided parcel (with available service road access off Highway #779 southwest of Calahoo


Pt. SW 25-55-22-W4

4.75 acres along the west bank of the North Saskatchewan. Located with the Industrial Heartland ASP boundary.


Pt. NW 31-56-23-W4

0.13 acres along west side of Sec. 31. Mainly treed area next to Range Road 240.


Pt. NE 7-54-24-W4

2.69 acres abandoned road allowance (Range Road 245) located on the west boundary of the Hunters Green Golf Course. 

#1780001 #6655ET

Pt. SW 30-54-24-W4

0.90 acres old utility right of way located in SW 30-54-24-W4 running from west boundary of existing CN railway right of way to the east bank of Sturgeon River


Pt. SE 26-55-24-W4

0.17 acres on west boundary of Range Road 251 (Roseridge Road). Remnant parcel at driveway entrance in northeast corner of SE 26-55-25-W4


Pt. SE 31-54-27-W4

0.17 acres located in hamlet of Calahoo, adjacent to entrance road to Willow Rose (Berube) Mobile Home Park.


Pt. NW 33-54-27-W4

0.17 acres comprising two areas on the north and south sides on Highway 37 at Range Road 274. Split parcel, separated by highway.


Pt. SE 34-56-27-W4

0.75 acres located southeast of the intersection of Twp. Road 570 and Range Road 273. Completely treed parcel. 


Pt. SE 36-56-27-W4

2.0 acres located in the NW corner of SE 36-56-27-W4, has no direct access from Range Road 270. 


Pt. SW 25-54-1-W5

1.71 acres, a remnant parcel directly north of Hoghway Avenue in the Rosal Acres subdivision.


Pt. SE 35-56-1-W5

1.98 acres abandoned road allowance (Range Road 11) near Deadman Lake. A natural low area which leads to a diversion of Range Road 11 to existing location.



Block 1 Lot 1

Pt. NE 9-57-20-W4

0.2 acres located directly north of Victoria Trail in the NW corner of NE 9-57-20-W4.


Pt. SE 27-57-21-W4

0.18 acres located directly northwest of the intersection of Highways 644 and 829 east of Redwater.