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Woodridge Pinewood Trail

Ericson Drive in Woodbridge Estates to Sec. Hwy 651  

The Woodridge Pinewood Trail is a granular, non-motorized trail that follows the historic Athabasca Landing Trail, a route used to carry freight from Fort Edmonton to Athabasca Landing. The 1.55 km trail links the Woodridge and Pinewood subdivisions via Sturgeon County road allowance. This project is a collaborative project between Sturgeon County and  Alberta TrailNet

Woodridge Pinewood Trail Map

Project Timeline

August 2019        
Council approved up to $50,000 towards Phase One of the trail development in support.

November 2019        
Information sessions for residents   

November 2020        
Trail alignment revised and connections removed based on input from residents 

March 2021   
Trail preparation for construction - brushing

April 2021
Tender for Construction by Alberta TrailNet and County to address any fencing issues

May - July 2021
Construction, dates to be confirmed after tender process complete.

September 2021
The tender process is complete, and a contractor has been selected. The construction start date is dependent on the contractor's schedule. The project is anticipated to be finished by October 31, 2021.

December 2021
Due to inclement weather delays, work on the project has been suspended for the season with anticipated start-up and completion in in the spring of 2022.


For more information about this project, email Karolina Drabik or call Sturgeon County Family and Community Support Services, 780-939-8334.