Sturgeon County - Compliance Certificates

Compliance CertificatesCompliance Certificates

A Compliance Certificate is confirmation from Sturgeon County that development (siting and use of buildings) on a property meets the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. Compliance Certificates are increasingly being requested when real estate is sold. Sturgeon County advises property owners to request a compliance review as soon as they decide to sell property.

The following is required to initiate a compliance review:

  • written request and fee
  • two original copies of a current Alberta Land Surveyors Real Property Report (fax and illegible copies of real property reports/surveyor certificates are not acceptable).


Timeframe may vary depending on the number of compliance review requests being processed. Allow approximately two weeks for processing and a response to a compliance review.

In situations where an appeal is made to the Secretary of the Development Appeal Board, it takes approximately three to four weeks before a hearing takes place, and may take an additional two weeks for a written decision from the Development Appeal Board.

It's best to request a compliance certificate as soon as you have decided to sell your property.

For more information on compliance certificates contact, Planning & Development at 780-939-4321 or 1-866-939-9303.


Real Property Report (RPR) A legal document prepared by a registered Alberta Land Surveyor determining the location, form or boundaries of a tract of land and buildings by measuring the lines and angles in accordance with the principles of the Land Surveyors Act.