Sturgeon County - Services


Welcome to Sturgeon County! We want you to feel welcome and informed. To the left you'll see a tab for each of our many service departments. Within each tab you'll find information on all that each department has to offer, including a list of programs and information on where to find forms and applications you may need.

Agriculture Services is where you'll find information on our Tree Program, brochures on County-efforts in the field of disease control, conservation initiatives, how to rent equipment from the county, and more.

Assessment Services offers information on how to pay your property taxes, file a complaint about your return, as well as information on tax recovery property.

Community Services gives you the goods on how to get out and enjoy living here in Sturgeon County. Whether it's youth programs, grant funding, or information on community support programming, you'll find it here.

Planning & Development is where you'll look when you're planning to apply for a building permit, offers information on the process to develop or rezone land within the county, and it's also where you'll find Sturgeon County's Municipal Development Plan.

Protective Services provides links to information on Animal Control, fire safety programs and information on fire permits, as well as Sturgeon County's disaster preparedness plan.

Transportation & Engineering Services is where to find information on the County's dust control program, construction scheduling, information on municipal addressing, and more.

Utility Services gives you information on water truckfill stations, utility rates, and offers information on utility maintenance programs.