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Protective Services

The Protective Services department is committed to providing Sturgeon County residents, visitors and community partners with an effective emergency and enforcement service through professional response and education.


Fire Advisory Removed

Effective June 6, 2018 Sturgeon County has lifted its “Fire Restriction”. All previous fire permits that were issued that have not expired are re-instated. Residents wishing to obtain a new fire permit can do so by contacting or attending the Sturgeon County Protective Services Building, Sturgeon County Main Office or from their local Fire Guardian/Councillor.

As the County’s on-line fire permitting system remains unavailable, residents are asked to be patient when applying for fire/firework permits. Requests received by phone, fax and email will be processed in the order they are received. Staff’s goal is to review and approve all permit applications within two (2) business days.

Although the “Fire Restriction” has been lifted Sturgeon County urges everyone to use extreme caution when working or driving in grassy areas, be mindful of hot exhaust and keep vehicles clean and free of debris as smoldering debris can fall off and start fires.

For any further inquires contact 780-939-8400