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Off-Highway VehiclesOff-Highway Vehicles

Recreational use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) is a fun, popular past time for many people, but it’s important to be safe. All vehicle operators must obtain permission from the property owner before traveling on private property.

Travelling on private property without the owner's consent could result in damage to their property.

Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) include: Quads, Trikes, Dirt bikes, Snowmobiles, Gators and Side-by-Sides.

Operators must: 

  • wear a safety helmet (and passenger) Mandatory in Alberta as of May 2017 
  • hold a valid operator’s licence 
  • travel only on the extreme right-hand portion of the road, in single file; 
  • not travel on roads where signs prohibit travel 
  • have proper registration and insurance according to the Off-Highway Vehicle Act 
  • OHV must have one working headlight and taillight

For your safety, off-highway vehicle operation is restricted to 8 a.m. to midnight, with a maximum speed limit of 30 km per hour. When operating an off-highway vehicle, please keep in mind that our county enforces the following:

Please note: effective December 14, 2004, the operation of off highway vehicles is banned from the Sandy Lake Wilderness area, Cardiff Park and Sturgeon Valley area (extending from Highway 2 east to Highway 28 and Highway 37 south to the city limits).

Bylaw Information The Province of Alberta has created an Act and Regulations for safe operation of OHV’s. Sturgeon County has proposed revisions to the current OHV Bylaw to provide further guidance on safe OHV operations in Sturgeon County’s jurisdiction.

Proposed Bylaw 1403/18 

Alberta Highway Vehicle Association

Recreational off-highway vehicles (OHV) Banned in Redwater

On Monday, April 20 

The Alberta government lifted OHV Ban late Friday, April 17. This included Redwater Sandhills Natural Area, as for fires this area it remains “No Open Fires” permitted. There are no other fire bans or otherwise within Sturgeon County.

Alberta Fire or Alberta

Residents are encouraged to continue responsible burning practices. Conditions throughout the County relating to fire hazards are being monitored and if required, restrictions or bans will be implemented and communicated at on social media. Fire permits are available online at