Sturgeon County - Dust Suppression Program

Dust Suppression Program

Applying dust suppression can reduce the impact of dust created by vehicle traffic on unpaved roads.

The cost to apply dust suppression is shared between the County and resident. Fees vary based on the type of suppressant used and the length of application.  

2022 Fees and Timelines

Residents may choose which suppressant product they want to be applied at their property and pay the difference in cost.

The first 100 metres of dust suppression is subsidized by the County. The 2022 subsidy is $775 per resident. The cost to the resident is detailed in the 2022 Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Additional dust suppression is available up to an extra 100 metres and can be purchased in 10m increments. This is charged back to residents at full price as per the Dust Suppression Policy.

Early bird deadline is April 16, 2022. A late fee of $100 is applied to orders received after that date. No orders will be accepted after May 17, 2022.

Download Application Here


Submission Information

Submit your application by fax, mail or drop off:

Dust Suppression Program
Sturgeon County Centre
9613-100 Street
Morinville, Alberta
T8R 1L9

Fax: 780-939-8274

Types of Dust Suppressants

  • Applied by blending into the surface gravel. The road is driveable immediately after application.
  • Combines with water to suppress dust.
  • There is no guarantee as to the level of dust suppression or lifespan.
  • This product is maintained at the discretion of the County, during the current season of the application.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to contact the County if the calcium requires attention. Using the Report a Road Concern app.


  • $405 for the first 100m
  • $118/10m for additional length up to 100m
  • $100 Late fee is added to orders received between April 17- May 17.

  • Repels water off the road surface.
  • Does not combine with water. It is not calcium or salt based.
  • Applied as a thin film on top of gravel and takes 24-hours to settle in. The road is driveable during this time.
  • Requires annual application.
  • Applied once in the spring, it can be graded lightly to maintain a good driving surface during the season.
  • Maintenance or re-application is completed at the discretion of the County.


  • $1097 for the first 100m
  • $187.20/10m for additional length up to 100m
  • $100 late fee is added to orders received between April 17- May 17.

  • Repels water off the road surface.
  • This is a cold-mix product, placed on top of the existing road surface.
  • Guaranteed until Dec 31 of the same year it is installed (one season). The lifespan cannot be predicted, as it is site specific and depends on subgrade condition, traffic volume, vehicle sizes, etc.
  • Approval for the Oil treatment requires a site inspection by Transportation Services. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Applicants must include the Consent form (below) along with the application form

Oil Dust Suppression Consent Form (PDF)


  • $4,165 for the first 100m.
  • $494/10m for additional length up to 100m
  • $100 late fee is added to orders received between April 17- May 17.

Important Notices

  • Sturgeon County, at its sole discretion, may undertake work on any treated areas to maintain a safe driving surface.
  • Sturgeon County does not guarantee the level of dust suppression as a result of the application of dust suppression products.
  • Application forms are processed in the order they are received.  Your neighbour’s stakes may appear earlier than yours.



Contact Sturgeon County Transportation Services
Call: 780-939-4321
Toll free: 1-866-939-9303

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