Sturgeon Valley Backlot Easements

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Sturgeon Valley Backlot Easements

Sturgeon Valley Backlot Easements


Division 1

Project Update

October 8, 2021

Survey assessment via drone is complete.

September 20, 2021

Property assessments via drone are scheduled for the first week of October.

September 7, 2021

Assessments of the properties are estimated to be complete by the end of September 2021.

About the Project

In the coming months, Sturgeon County staff will be contacting residents with backlot drainage easements on file. Staff will deliver information handouts about backlot swale drainage easements and schedule inspections with property owners. 

Subdivisions in the 2021 assessment include:

  • Upper Manor Point I, II and III
  • The Banks of Sturgeon Valley
  • Pinnacle Ridge

This project is currently in the investigation phase. The property inspection will be evaluating the drainage easement and its current state. The process will include photographs of the easement, notes taken by staff and survey data. 

After inspections are complete, review notifications will be sent out to homeowners with the results of the assessment. Included in this notification will be whether there is a requirement for additional investigation, a notice of intent to perform maintenance or if there are obstructions within the easement that pose a concern.

For more information on backlot easements, see this brochure from the Alberta Land Surveyors Association: Understanding Easements and Rights-of-Way 

For more information, contact Devin Patterson, Operations Supervisor - Drainage, by phone: 780-939-8269 or email:


Information Session

An online information session was held on Friday, May 21, 2021.
You can view a PDF copy of the presentation here.

Questions?  Contact Devin Patterson, Operations Supervisor - Drainage, by phone: 780-939-8269 or email:

Sturgeon Valley Backlot Easements