Clearing Snow From Your Driveway

Clearing snow from your driveway

When you are clearing snow off your driveway, be sure to push it off to the right side. This way, when the snowplows and graders come by, they do not push it back onto your driveway.

Also, you should never push the snow across the road into the ditches. Crossing into oncoming traffic is dangerous, and the chunks of snow and ice left behind on the road can create a hazard for other drivers.

Remember, obstructing the road in any way - even with pieces of snow and ice – is an offence under the Traffic Bylaw and carries a fine of $500.00. 

Rural residents also have the option of hiring the County to clear the snow from your driveways and yard sites. This service is only available to those living in rural areas, not subdivisions. To see if your property qualifies visit Driveway Plowing Service.


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