Driveway Plowing Service

Driveway Plowing Service

Residents living on rural properties can request to have their driveways cleared by Sturgeon County crews for a fee.

There is a $110.00 fee for clearing the driveway leading to a private residence and an hourly rate based on the equipment used of $220 to $225 per hour for any additional clearing of the yard site. Rates are per the Sturgeon County Fees and Charges Schedule.

Note that private driveways are plowed after all County paved and gravelled roads are cleared. There is no timing guarantee for driveway plowing service as keeping the main roads clear and safe is our priority.

To register for this service, contact the Transportation department to complete a Snowplow and Lane Grading Agreement and commit to the payment terms.

Unfortunately, driveways in multi-lot subdivisions are not eligible for the program because the County’s equipment is too large to fit in residential areas. There are several private snow clearing contractors available who can service residential lots. For private contractor options refer to the Sturgeon County Business directory.


To register for the driveway plowing program:

Call: 780-939-8252

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