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Installation Process


Quick and Convenient

Meter installation appointments can be made to fit your schedule. The work typically takes 45 – 90 minutes to complete. The transmitter will be installed on the outside of your home. This will allow Sturgeon County Utility Services to read the water meter from outside of your house and will eliminate the need for the meter reader to gain access to your property to read the meter.


Prior to the Installation

Please ensure the area around the existing water meter is clear and accessible. In addition to clearing this space, please leave ample room for the installer to work. Your existing shut-off valve should be located where the water service comes into your house. Check your main water shut-off valve to make sure it is operable.

The Water Meter Replacement Program is important toward giving you (our residents) better, more timely information on your water usage. We look forward to your support and co-operation to make this program a success.

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