Villeneuve Airport Waterline Extension

Villeneuve Airport Waterline Extension

The waterline extension to Villeneuve Airport is an important investment in our community. It will attract new business to the area, create local jobs, and help diversify the regional and provincial economies.

The project was announced in January 2021. It is a $2.2 million project funded by the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program.

The new waterline will run west from the Hamlet of Villeneuve down Highway 633 and north at Range Road 270 to tie into the airport’s reservoir. Construction on the waterline started in August 2021 and is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2022.  

This waterline is a vital piece of infrastructure that will provide reliable access to potable water, expand the potential for industrial investment, and improve safety at the airport with enhanced firefighting capabilities.

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VIlleneuve Airport Waterline Extension