Sturgeon County Customer Digital Service Survey

Sturgeon County Digital Customer Service Survey

Sturgeon County offers a diverse set of services, including: 

  • Fire services 
  • Enforcement services 
  • Land use planning and development 
  • Family and community support services and programs 
  • Transportation and drainage services 
  • Water and wastewater services 
  • Agricultural services 
  • Financial and taxation services 
  • Economic development services  

We are committed to improving the way that we deliver services. What was known before, and has since been amplified by the impacts of COVID-19, is that digital customer service is a necessity in our technology-driven society. 

As such, we want to hear from you to understand your satisfaction with the way that we currently offer our services, and to learn if there are any opportunities to bring our services online. Your experience and knowledge is incredibly valuable to the County and will help us shape the future of our service delivery. 

None of the responses will be connected to identifying information and the survey will only take 3-5 minutes to complete.

I am a resident of Sturgeon County

I operate a business in Sturgeon County