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Sturgeon County values public involvement in decision making and supports public engagement that is timely, transparent and accessible.

Current Engagement Opportunities

Sturgeon County is looking at updating its Resource Extraction regulations. After initial public feedback, a report was created with recommendations. Following the 2021 municipal election, Sturgeon County Council has been reviewing the resource extraction regulatory review findings and previous input from stakeholders. No decisions have been made, and if any actions or future engagements are planned residents will be notified.

More information on the Resource Extraction project is available at 

This information will be used in creating Sturgeon County's Municipal Development Plan to develop a clear planning pathway for future developments in the area.

Join us for the Committee of the Whole meeting
Tuesday, May 25
9 a.m.

Learn more about the project and register for meetings here. 

Find out about future opportunties or see what was discussed about past road, bridge and drainage work happening in Sturgeon County at 

We have an exciting vision for the lands around the Villeneuve Airport and we're gearing up to turn this vision into a reality by creating a new Villeneuve Airport Area Structure Plan. 

Find out more at

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Public Engagement Policy

Public Engagement Framework

The Public Engagement Framework helps us engage residents in a meaningful way. Sturgeon County’s Public Engagement Framework outlines a clear approach to public engagement for the government to use: inform, consult, involve, and collaborate.

For more information:

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