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What We Offer:

Sturgeon County is a growing and vibrant community. We are an employer committed to service, opportunity and quality of life for its residents, and are fortunate to have the people and spirit to make it happen. As an organization of about 150 full time employees, Sturgeon County values customer service, quality of work life, continual professional development, open communication and active participation. 


Sturgeon County offers competitive benefit packages for its full-time employees.

Key employee values:

  • We show respect to others and treat them in a way we would want to be treated.
  • We use integrity while being honest, responsible and trustworthy.
  • We provide exceptional service and have a strong commitment to serving our community.
  • We provide excellence by striving for the highest quality in all that we do.

Great opportunities:

The County has a supportive leadership team that provides employees with an open door policy for communicating ideas and concerns.

  • Employees at the County create a friendly and enjoyable working environment.
  • Employees are encouraged to come up with new and better ways to do their jobs.
  • Free parking for all employees.

Social Club:

We have an employee Social Club that creates a strong working relationship by providing social opportunities for employees. The Social Club activities include Crib Tournament, Easter Egg Hunt & Lunch, Bocce Ball Tournament, Summer Bar-B-Q’s, Survivor Games, July Pancake Breakfast, Halloween Luncheon and Christmas Luncheon. Our employees like to have fun!


Events include a Family Curling Fun Spiel, Staff Golf Tournament, Kids’ Christmas Party and Staff Christmas Party.

Employee Newsletter:

To keep employees' up-to-date on county activities the Scoop, an employee newsletter, is distributed each month.

Employee Surveys:

Sturgeon County conducts an Employee Survey bi-annually to gather information from employees about shared areas of interest and concern about their workplace. This survey provides valuable information to management and Human Resources so they are able to: identify and prioritize issues for action, monitor the effectiveness of change initiatives, establish performance objectives and provide metrics for the “people” quandary of the balanced scorecard.

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