Our Future Valley: Public Engagement Materials

Our Future Valley: What We Heard

The Our Valley Project Team has been working through an extensive engagement process with both developers and the public to answer the big question: What does planning certainty look like for the Sturgeon Valley? 

The engagement process has provided the  team with extensive feedback that has influenced the preparation of the three key documents. To make sure the process was broad and inclusive, a variety of information and collaborative sessions were held along with opportunities for the public to speak to planners directly about each of the projects.

So far, the Our Future Sturgeon Valley Project has involved:

  • 5 Public Information Sessions
  • 2 Developer Sessions
  • 1 Developer Survey
  • 3 Call-a-Planner Sessions
  • 1 Homeowner Association Information Session
  • 1 Call-a-Panel Session

Here is a snapshot of what we heard from you:


  • Higher densities should be located outside of the Valley Core and located within the new Area Structure Plan and closer to the cities of Edmonton and St. Albert.
  • Gradual change of densities would be preferred to help reduce potential land use conflicts between higher densities contemplated by new development and existing lower density residential areas.
  • As densities increase, so will population; transportation in and out of the Sturgeon Valley will need to be upgraded. 

Connectivity + Trails

  • Connectivity to Trails. Some existing subdivisions have trails, but they don’t all connect nor provide access to amenities/open space. Future trails for the Sturgeon Valley South Area Structure Plan should consider connection of new and existing trails and more importantly, trails which lead to destinations.
  • Trails are an asset to the community; the more trails the better!
  • More trail maintenance throughout the year would be an asset.


  • How will upgrades to infrastructure be handled? Will existing taxpayers be responsible for paying for any upgrades.
  • 127 street would provide great access through the Sturgeon Valley. Is development reliant on construction of 127 street?
  • Better broadband options should be made available.

Land Uses

  • Large scale commercial development opportunities should be considered along Highway 28. Small scale development could be supported within the Sturgeon Valley South Area Structure Plan and Sturgeon Valley Core if it focused more towards local boutique style shops and coffee shops.
  • Opportunity to provide a variety of housing options in the south area of Sturgeon Valley, closer to the Cities of Edmonton and St. Albert.
  • “Would be happy to see a local place to get produce or a pharmacy within the neighbourhood.”
  • “Could consider a low-rise condo-type seniors’ facility.”
  • Areas of employment could provide opportunities for jobs within the Sturgeon Valley and would be an asset.
  • Many have moved to the Valley to have rural living with access to urban-style amenities. Development of this nature within Sturgeon Valley would turn the area into a small urban area within a rural municipality.

This is just a snapshot of the feedback collected. All of the information provided has helped develop the Our Future Valley project.

Committee of the Whole - May 2021

On May 25th as the Our Future Valley project will go to Committee of the Whole where the Project Team will unveiled key elements of the draft Plans.

The presentation also detailed the next steps, as we move towards the Bylaw Process. There will be opportunities in June for providing input through the Public Hearing.

You can watch the full presentation  via Sturgeon County Meeting Calendar.

Our Future Valley Engagement Materials

Community Engagement - April 2021

During this consultation we are updating everyone on progress made so far. You can watch the videos prepared for the April consultation event below.

Video 1 –  Our Future Valley - What You need to Know 

Video 2 - Our Future Valley – The Overarching County Plans 

Video 3 - Our Future Valley – A Vision for Neighbourhood One - 

We’d also like your views on our progress. Please answer our online survey (open until May 16th): https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/1d1e63877ef240f8a235ff8f11e3cb97  or email us at OurValley@sturgeoncounty.ca

If you’d like more information, the Digital Community Futures Workbook has also had an update with some new maps and information or you can email us ourvalley@sturgeoncounty.ca

Presentation to Committee of the Whole – April 2021

On March 18th the project team presented progress so far and an overview of what we heard to Council.

You can watch a recording of the presentation by clicking here>> Committee of the Whole - March 18th, 2021 
Download the briefing report.

Click here to view the presentation

Community Futures - February 2021

February 2021 saw the launch of our consultation and information tool, the Digital Community Futures Workbook, an interactive website that was used during the series of consultation sessions and subsequent Call a Planner sessions.
The Digital Community Futures Workbook, provides a comprehensive look at the Our Future Valley Project, detailing background information, maps and work to date.

Our Future Valley Information Sessions - December 2020

In early December 2020 Sturgeon County hosted a series of information sessions for landowners, developers and the public. Subsequent Call-a-Planner sessions allowed interested individuals to join a Zoom call with the Our Future Valley project team to ask any questions they might have, or to find out more about the process in general.

Our FAQ page contains answers to questions we’ve been asked during the various session.

Our Future Valley: Overview of Planning Projects



Our Future Valley: A Brief History of Development in the Sturgeon Valley



Our Future Valley December 3 Presentation



Our Future Valley December 2 Presentation



Our Future Valley - Developer Session January 28, 2021

Our Future Valley - Developer Session January 28, 2021 


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