Town of Legal

Sturgeon County is a Growing CommunitySturgeon County is a Growing Community

Sturgeon County is a growing community of 20,495 Sturgeon proud people including 10 hamlets, numerous multi-lot subdivisions and sprawling farmland.

Five neighbouring towns are located within the region that we consider an important part of the community!

The towns are listed below the following hamlets with weblinks to their municipal websites. 

Interesting facts about Hamlets:
Alcomdale: The community has the name of Dr. Alcombreck, the original owner of the site. 
Calahoo: It is named after the Michel Calihoo Reserve established in 1878 on 25,600 acres under Treaty 6.
Carbondale: This community was named for the coal mines near the original town site.
Cardiff: This hamlet was named after the prominent coal-mining centre of Cardiff, Wales, due to the large number of coal mines in the area. 
Lamoureux: One of the oldest communities in Sturgeon County and home of the historic "Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church". 
Mearns: Located west of highway 2 and south of Alcomdale.
Namao: Located off highway 28, it is home to Namao Church, school and also the iconic Johnny's Store.
Pine Sands: A small community located near the west border of Sturgeon County.
Riviere Qui Barre: Founded in 1885 by French-speaking settlers, the name is the French translation of Keepootakawa, the Cree name of the nearby river. 
: Originally home to the Michel First Nations band government. The airport is located here and hosts the Edmonton Airshow in August. 


Each of the towns within Sturgeon County have their own schools, municipal services, amenities and council. 


Town of Legal

Town of Legal

This vibrant community located just 50 kilometers north of Edmonton on Highway 651 is fast becoming one of the "communities on the move" in terms of its increased focus on the map of Alberta.
Not only is Legal an ideal place to reside with the charm of country living on the doorstep of city ameneties, it also boasts economic development opportunities, many as yet untapped.

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