Planning for a northeast river crossing

The need for a new bridge over the North Saskatchewan River, between Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, was identified in a 2011 study for the Capital Region Board CRB). The CRB is responsible for creating and coordinating regional growth plans for the Edmonton area.  This future bridge, in the northeast part of the Edmonton region, will join Edmonton and Strathcona County by connecting Highways 15 (Manning Drive), 28A and 21. It will provide an alternate route over the river and improve access to Highway 63 leading north.

This project involves a partnership of four municipalities and the Province of Alberta: Sturgeon County, City of Edmonton, City of Fort Saskatchewan with the first step in the planning process for this river crossing:

The Northeast River Crossing Functional Planning Study. This study will identify the long term needs of the area, and recommend an approximate location for the future bridge and connecting roads.

This study is being conducted because of the need to complete early strategic planning, but based on current growth in the region, the proposed bridge and its connecting roads will not be constructed for another 25 to 35 years.  Land requirements for the future bridge and connecting roads will be identified in the study recommendations.

The study will run from January 2017 to December 2018. It will involve gathering feedback from local stakeholders and the public.

Public engagement

Public consultation and engagement will be available for the residents of the four municipalities during the two-year study. Input from stakeholders, and the public, will inform the study recommendations for the region's future growth and transportation needs.


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