Sturgeon County - Community Standards Bylaw

Community Standards Bylaw

The Community Standards Bylaw came into effect on August 26, 2020 and applies to all properties districted R1-R6 in Sturgeon County. The bylaw outlines the minimum standards for landscaping, vegetation management, outdoor storage, and noise on these properties.

A key part of the Community Standards bylaw is that grass and other vegetation must be kept under 15 centimeters high. This means that all owners are expected to regularly mow, trim, and otherwise control the vegetation on their property.

To help promote safe, enjoyable, and reasonable use of private property, Designated Officers will monitor vegetation on properties for compliance between June 7, 2021 and September 30, 2021. Any properties found violating the Community Standards bylaw during this timeframe may be issued an Enforcement Order. If the vegetation control work specified (e.g. mowing, trimming, etc.) in the Enforcement Order is not completed, Sturgeon County may arrange for this work to be completed, with all associated costs passed onto the landowner.


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What is an Enforcement Order?

An Enforcement Order is a document issued by an officer of Sturgeon County which outlines the actions necessary to bring a property into compliance with the Community Standards Bylaw. If the actions outlined in the Enforcement Order are not completed within a specified timeframe, Sturgeon County will arrange for the work to be completed and recover all associated expenses from the landowner.

What if I am unable to complete vegetation control work within the specified timeframe? 

Contact the Agriculture Services Department at or 780-939-8349 to discuss the possibility of an extension.

Do I still need to maintain the vegetation if I plan to develop my property this summer?

Yes, the Bylaw applies to all residential properties regardless of whether they have a dwelling on them or not.  

Part of my property cannot be cut with a lawn mower. What should I do?

It is the landowner’s responsibility to maintain all parts of their property. Dirt mounds, uneven ground, muddy areas, etc. still must be kept in compliance with the Community Standards Bylaw.

My property cannot be accessed due to forested areas, flooding or for other reasons. What should I do?

If your property is inaccessible due to reasons out of your control, please contact Agriculture Services Department at or 780-939-8349.

I am unable to manage the vegetation on my property myself. What are my options?

Contact the Agriculture Services Department at or (780) 939-8349 to discuss options or to request a vegetation control contractor list.