Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing


Sturgeon County has partnered with the St. Albert Nordic Ski Club (SANSC), the City of St. Albert, Riverlot 56 Natural Area Society, Cantiro Communities, Sturgeon Valley Golf Course and the Cardiff Golf and Country Club to offer over 20 km’s of cross-country ski trails to the community.

The St. Albert Nordic Ski Club grooms cross-country ski trails west along Sturgeon Road, Kingswood Park, the Riverlot 56 Natural Area, and northeast into Sturgeon County up into Bellerose River Park.

Users can access this network of cross-country ski trails from several locations:

  • Bellerose River Walk parking lot: 18 Bellerose River Walk, (near Villa Drive) Sturgeon County
  • Kingswood Park parking lot: 395 Sir Winston Churchill Ave, St. Albert
  • Legion Memorial Ball Park parking lot: 215 Sturgeon Road, St. Albert
  • Riverlot 56 parking lot: Poundmaker Road, St. Albert

For the latest trail conditions, check out the St. Albert Nordic Ski Club's Facebook or Twitter page.

The Cardiff Golf and Country Club grooms the trails around the golf course. Parking and access to this trail is near the golf course clubhouse.

Note that these cross-country ski trails are not patrolled daily. Users of the trail system do so at their own risk.



St. Albert Nordic Ski Club Cross-Country Ski trails PDF Map

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Etiquette for Cross-Country Ski Trail Use

Follow these guidelines to help make skiing a safe and pleasant experience for everyone:

  • The groomed trails are for cross-country skiing only. Please do not walk, bike or snowshoe on them.
  • Keep dogs off the tracks, on leash, and pick up pet waste immediately and always carry a means of picking up after your pet.
  • Keep right except to pass on double tracked trails.
  • If you are using the left track to pass, to talk to a friend, or because it is a better track, yield it to oncoming skiers.
  • When two skiers meet head-on on a hill, the skier going uphill should yield to those coming down.
  • Never stop at the bottom of a hill or on a blind corner.

Cross-Country Ski Safety Tips

Before you head out on a trail, be sure to think ahead and prepare for unexpected conditions. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the trails:

  1. Never go out alone and make sure someone knows where you are going and when you will be back.
  2. Be sure to dress appropriately. Wear layers and choose well-fitting boots.
  3. Bring a flashlight and extra food and water.
  4. Beware of reduced visibility in the winter due to shorter daylight hours or blowing snow.
  5. Check the weather forecast and be prepared for changing weather throughout the day.
  6. Make sure your vehicle is winterized. Snow tires and an emergency kit are recommended. Visit for road reports.


To report issues on the trails in the Valley up to Bellerose River Walk contact

St. Albert Nordic Ski Club
Please direct message through the website or social media  
Facebook: St. Albert Nordic Ski Club
Twitter: @SkiStAlbert


To report issues on the trails at the Cardiff Golf & Country Club:

Cardiff Golf and Country Club
Phone: (780) 939-6666
Email: E-Mail:


General park and trail inquires:

Agriculture Services Department
Phone: 780-939-8349
After hours: 780-939-4321, ext. 1