Public Hearings

Adoption of New Land Use Bylaw 1385/17

Hearing date: Feb. 28 - March 28, 2017

The Public Hearing shall be held over a period of one month starting on: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for verbal presentations at: Sturgeon County Council Chambers, 9613-100 Street, Morinville, Alberta and to be kept open until: Tuesday, Mar. 28th 2017 at 1:30 p.m.  at the same location for final verbal presentations.

During this period, Sturgeon County will accept input in writing. All interested parties are encouraged to express their views by providing a submission in writing and/or registering to speak, either in favor or in opposition to the new Land Use Bylaw, by contacting Legislative Services (phone 780-939- 8279 or email

Please note that all verbal presentations will be limited to five minutes and only written submissions received prior to the close of the public hearing will form part of the public record. Although all in attendance wishing to speak will be heard, persons registered to speak at the Public Hearing will be heard first.

Any inquiries regarding the content of the new Land Use Bylaw 1385/17 should be directed to Current Planning & Development Services (phone 780-939-8275 or

The purposes of adopting a new Land Use Bylaw include:

  1. To divide Sturgeon County into compatible land use districts and to prescribe permitted and discretionary development opportunities within each district
  2. To establish updated rules, regulations and procedures for subdivision, development and building-related activities
  3. To replace the current Land Use Bylaw which was originally adopted in 1996
  4. To implement new regulations that support the growth principles and policies of Sturgeon County’s long-range Municipal Development Plan which was adopted in 2014 to conform to the Capital Region Board’s Growth Plan.

While some of the changes to the new Land Use Bylaw are relatively minor in nature, other changes may affect residents, industry, businesses and landowners more significantly. Every property in Sturgeon County is assigned a land use district and there are proposed modifications to subdivision and development rules in every district.

 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: If you submit comments on this bylaw, either orally or in writing, the information you provide may be recorded in the minutes of the Public Hearing, or otherwise made public, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In accordance with Section 606 of the Municipal Government Act, Sturgeon County Council is requesting public input on the adoption of a new Land Use Bylaw.

  • Public Hearings are typically held in the Council Chambers at the Sturgeon County Centre during regular council meetings, unless otherwise advertised.
  • Public Hearing notices are advertised in the Free Press two weeks prior to the meeting date.
  • Written comments are to be forwarded to the Municipal Secretary at the County Centre by the time/date specified in the notice.
  • Individuals registered to speak at the Public Hearing will be heard first. All other presentations or comments may be heard after those who registered.
  • Presentation time may be limited to five (5) minutes. Council may extend these limits. To register in advance, contact the Legislative Officer at 780-939-8377 by the time/date specified in the notice.
  • Those wishing to make a presentation are asked to bring 10 copies of their presentation for Council and the recording secretary.