Sturgeon County - Candidate Disclosure Statements

Candidate Disclosure StatementsCandidate Disclosure Statements

Campaign Disclosure Statements

Campaign disclosures and financial statements will be posted here when made available by the candidates.

Campaign Disclosure:

Anyone who filed a Notice of Intent and is listed on the Candidate Registry for the Sturgeon County 2017 municipal election (even if nomination papers were not submitted on Nomination Day) must file a Campaign Disclosure and Financial Statement or a Self-Funded Campaign Statement.

Campaign Disclosure Statements and Self-Funded Campaign Statements must be filed with Legislative Services on, or before March 1, 2018.


For Mayor:


For Councillor:


Self Funded Campaign:

  • Ferd Caron
  • Neal Comeau
  • Dan Derouin
  • Marty Derouin
  • Susan Evans
  • Jerry Kaup
  • Frank Klassen
  • Ken McGillis
  • Matthew McLennan
  • Jacob Middlekamp
  • Maxwell Power
  • Karen Shaw
  • Patrick D. Tighe
  • Vicki Zinyk

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For any questions or inquiries regarding Sturgeon County's municipal by-election, please contact:

Jesse Sopko, Returning Officer

Phone: 780-939-8377