Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee Update


Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee Update
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Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee Update

Meeting held June 28, 2019

The City of St. Albert and Sturgeon County’s Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee met on June 28 to discuss the City’s proposed annexation of a portion of land from Sturgeon County.

The Annexation Committee is a subset of the IAC, the Intermunicipal Affairs Committee, which is made up of all members of both Councils. The annexation negotiations formally started on December 6, 2017.

On June 28, the Negotiating Committee determined that Vice-Chair, Councillor Ray Watkins from St. Albert will act as Chair until the next IAC Meeting.  Former Sturgeon County Councillor, Susan Evans had been Chair until she resigned as Councillor for Sturgeon County Division 2 on June 27.

During the meeting, ISL Engineering presented information on the technical studies for land within the maximum potential annexation area, which are required to be submitted to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) as part of the City’s final annexation application. Work on the technical studies is anticipated to continue throughout the summer based on the Negotiating Committee’s initial feedback, prior to soliciting public input later this year.

To-date, the City has held two public open houses, released a questionnaire for public feedback, and conducted interviews with individual residents and landowners within the Maximum Potential Annexation Boundary. Additional public engagement, to be scheduled later this year, will be used to inform negotiations and the City’s final annexation application to the MGB.

The next meeting of the Annexation Negotiating Committee is scheduled to take place on August 15, 2019. For more information on the proposed annexation, visit at




Mayor Cathy Heron

City of St. Albert



Mayor Alanna Hnatiw

Sturgeon County


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