Corporate Restructuring at Sturgeon County


Corporate Restructuring at Sturgeon County
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Corporate Restructuring at Sturgeon County

Sturgeon County, AB: On Thursday, January 16, 2020, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Reegan McCullough announced that Sturgeon County will undergo a number of staffing changes to provide quality, cost- effective services and infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of Sturgeon County.

These changes are based on the completion of a number of reviews in 2019 (MNP Operational Review; Assessment Services; Organizational Performance; Business Needs Assessment).

In addition, the County is facing a number of new changes resulting from the October 2019 provincial budget including reduced funding from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI); increased costs for policing services; potential changes to Machinery & Equipment (M&E) assessment; and the new provisions of Bill 7 & Bill 29 to incent investment.

Effective immediately, operational requirements including infrastructure, transportation and community services will now be under one division with Scott MacDougall as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). He will manage and align all of the infrastructure needs with future growth opportunities.

The organizational changes will help the County now, by getting on the right foundation and will build an organization, culture and direction that is sustainable for many years to come. As with any restructuring, staff changes are inevitable. Departing staff are thanked for their valuable contributions to the organization.

“This restructure is an important step to align our organization for growth while maintaining our core services,” said Mr. McCullough, adding, “the organizational changes better align with Council’s vision and focus on growth for Sturgeon County.”

There is a tremendous opportunity in front of us. With Council’s vision and direction, supported by a strong administrative team, the County is well-positioned for growth.

Mr. McCullough joined Sturgeon County November 5, 2018 following his tenure as CEO for Niagara Parks Commission.

For more information, please contact:
Gwen Wolansky
Communications Officer

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