2019 Bridge Maintenance Contract

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2019 Bridge Maintenance Contract
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2019 Bridge Maintenance Contract

The 2019 bridge maintenance repairs are in progress, having started in mid-March and will carry on through to the end of April 2019. Some of the locations require one lane road closures and signs will be posted. The list of bridge repair locations remaining are as follows:

2019 Bridge Maintenance (Contracted):

Regular Bridge Maintenance:

316 TWP RD 562 SE 18-56-26-W4M
641 RGE RD 255 NW 299-54-25-W4M
878 RGE RD 240 SW 30-55-23-W4M
1559 RGE RD 271 NW 13-55-27-W4M
8887 TWP RD 552 SW 15-55-26-W4M
13354 RGE RD 261 SW 15-55-26-W4M
71725 RGE RD 273 NW 22-56-27-W4M
72528 RGE RD 212 NW 2-57-21-W4M
74469 TWP RD 582 NE 11-58-24-W4M
Bridges requiring ONE LANE CLOSURES:    
839 Victoria Trail RGE RD 210B SW 1-57-21-W4M
879 RGE RD 231 SE 23-56-23-W4M
7707 TWP RD 564 SW 29-56-26-W4M
70827 RGE RD 273 SW 3-55-27-W4M
71036 TWP RD 570 SE 4-57-27-W4M
71684 RGE RD 274 NW 4-55-27-W4M
72394 TWP RD 582 SW 13-58-24-W4M
72932 LOCAL OIL FIELD RD SW 15-55-25-W4M
73219 RGE RD 241 NW 12-58-24-W4M
78836 TWP RD 564 SW 27-56-24-W4M


Please slow down and use caution when travelling in these areas. Obeying all road signs, and speed limits will keep both yourself and road crews safe. If you have any questions regarding the Bridge Work please contact Engineering Services at (780) 939-8323.

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