Sturgeon County - Drainage

As the snow melts, water begins to accumulate in drainage ditches, and road sides. We see water pool in farmers’ fields and other low-lying areas—it’s a part of the melting process. The region has received a large amount of snowfall this winter, so it’s best to be prepared as much as possible.

Sturgeon County Transportation Services takes a pro-active approach to drainage. Crews start to clear problem areas early in the year before spring thaw arrives. Snow grading and removal of snow from Sturgeon County roads means less snow to melt when the weather warms up. Crews will also begin defrosting frozen culverts on warm days and clear channels for improved drainage.

To reduce the chance of any potential drainage issues on your property, here are some tips:

  • Check your culverts and clear snow to help open up any blockages
  • Keep stormwater drains clear of debris and ice
  • Clear debris out of eavestroughs and direct downspouts away from your home
  • Make sure your sump pump and weeping tile is working properly

If you have concerns, please call Transportation Services at 780-939-8252 or online through Report a Road Concern