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New funding received to attract more investment in Villeneuve Airport and region

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Sturgeon County is receiving $2.2 million from the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program to construct a waterline connecting the Hamlet of Villeneuve and the Villeneuve Airport. The funding, part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, will be used to construct a waterline essential to the airport’s growth and support business development. 

Sturgeon County opens first outdoor skating trail

Residents encouraged to Get Outside to Cardiff Park and enjoy the new ice and lights in a safe, socially-distanced way

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Surrounded by lights, the unique 375-metre natural ice surface is for all ages. Located in Cardiff Park, the trail winds through the trees in a full loop, making it accessible for new and experienced skaters.

Edmonton Region COVID-19 Restrictions

What you need to know about the new measures in the Edmonton region:

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Alberta is now under a state of public health emergency. Beginning November 24 and extending for three weeks, additional restrictions are in place for the Edmonton area and other enhanced regions.

New Provincial COVID restrictions in effect for Sturgeon County

15-person limit on family and social gatherings, two-week ban on indoor group fitness classes and team sports among new restrictions

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“By choosing to take extra measures for the next two weeks, we have a greater potential to stop or slow the community spread. Hopefully, this will give our healthcare providers the time needed to do the testing and contact tracing required to understand, manage, and stop the spread,” said Mayor Alanna Hnatiw.  

Mandatory 15-person limit on gatherings now in effect in Sturgeon County

As of November 6, all residents and visitors must follow the mandatory 15 person limit on social and family gatherings (indoors and outdoors) where people are mixing and mingling

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The Government of Alberta announced today that there is now a mandatory 15-person limit on indoor and outdoor social and family gatherings for communities in the Calgary and Edmonton zone, including  Sturgeon County.