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Virtual Farm Tours

Presented by The Agricultural Services Board

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The Agricultural Service Board is excited to share with you the Sturgeon County Virtual Farm Tour Series. Although we were unable to offer an in-person ASB tour for 2021, we hope that you will enjoy seeing a new in-depth video every Wednesday highlighting some our local agricultural operations.

Sturgeon County Sanitary Sewer Flushing Schedule

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Sturgeon County will be performing the annual gravity sewer preventative maintenance flushing this August. Our contracted company (Empire Solutions) will be beginning their flushing program on August 3, 2021 in the Hamlet of Cardiff Echoes with the entire collection system of Sturgeon Valley to begin the following week (August 9).

New waterline project helps build the future for the Villeneuve Airport

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The Province of Alberta, Sturgeon County, and Edmonton Airports announced the start of a new construction project that will bring water from the Hamlet of Villeneuve to the Villeneuve Airport. The $2.2 million project, funded from the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program, will help attract investment in the Villeneuve region, creating more local jobs, and diversifying the regional and provincial economies.